Where in the World is my Future Vacation Home?

Good Place Vacation HomeIf you are in the market to purchase a vacation home, you have probably already started tackling the difficult question of, “where are the best places for a vacation home?” We understand it can be a tough decision with so many wonderful choices out there and you have to consider not just the location, but also the real estate, the local culture, and the climate. Not every place is beautiful year-round, so it is important to purchase a vacation home that aligns with your seasonal needs and interests too.

To help you with this difficult decision, we’ve made a list of the top 5 best places for a vacation home, ranked in ascending order.

#5- Argentina

Argentina is expected to become a hot topic in the real estate world for 2015, and it’s not hard to see why: it’s a country with a rich culture, a growing wine industry, and some of the best food available in South America. Equally important to all this is the up-and-down nature of Argentinian real estate, which is current coming out of a down swing, but expected to make a quick rise in value over the next year. Those who are looking to vacation can choose to buy property in a major city like Buenos Aires or look for property in a more rural area, as Argentina offers both mountainous and beachfront properties.

#4- Italy

While it’s no doubt that most people would like to own a vacation home in Italy, the prestigious nature of the place makes it seem as though you would have a lot of competition for potential real estate. In some ways, this is true; there’s no doubt that those looking to purchase land near Venice or Rome are going to be having a more difficult time finding an agreeable property. However, if you look for properties in the more rural areas of Italy, you will find that there is more availability and more value. Past that point, the merits of home ownership in Italy speak for themselves.

#3- Austria

Austria is an entry for the mountain-lovers out there. Though it is a relatively short distance from the coast (and our previous entry, Italy) Austria has a very different landscape from the previous entries. This means that it is the best vacation spot on the list for skiiers and snowboarders, due to the heavy snowfall in the winter. If you’re interested in a summer home, Austria is an equally valid option. The country is famous for its beautiful lakes and rivers, which can be enjoyed at your leisure, as well as its comparatively active populace.

#2- Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very desirable destination for people looking to buy a second home. There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is the gracious nature of property sale in Costa Rica. Foreigners are not prohibited from purchasing land and are given equal right to purchase as the native inhabitants are. This goes even further when you consider that Costa Rica has some of the lowest property taxes around. If that’s not enough for you, alongside Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches are some of the best sustainability (read: green) practices in the Americas, so you won’t be facing the level of pollution which would be present in other South American choices.

#1- Hawaii

Hawaii is a place which is world-famous for its impeccable weather, gorgeous landscapes, and picturesque tropical beaches. There’s no room for doubt about this: Hawaii is the premiere destination for vacationers the world round, and is naturally one of the best places to purchase a vacation home. While the competition for property in Hawaii is a little bit greater, few would be discouraged once they have seen it for themselves. There are a host of options for activities in Hawaii, as it is the definitive tropical getaway. You can spend time on the beach, or in the water, or even in the safety of your own home. Those looking for a more cosmopolitan experience will be pleased to know that the California coastline is a 4-hour flight away, so you’ll never be at a loss for activities, even if you start yearning for the mainland.

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