Best Hawaiian Island for a Vacation Home?

Real Estate KauaiThere’s no question that Hawaii is a top-tier world destination for vacationers and permanent residents alike. From its pristine white-sand beaches to the year-round perfect weather, Hawaii is synonymous with the idea of a “tropical paradise.” So it’s also no wonder why Hawaiian real estate generates a lot of buzz. People who are interested might start to wonder: what is the best island on Hawaii to buy a vacation home?

For prospective residents, especially those who are looking to purchase a vacation home, the definitive answer is “Kauai.” There is so much to say about this beautiful place, one might be tempted to write forever, so we’ve made a list of 7 reasons why Kauai is the best island in Hawaii to buy a vacation home.

#1- Abundant Nature

Kauai is called “The Garden Island” of Hawaii, and the name rings true: it’s hard to talk about Kauai without mentioning all of the natural beauty that it holds. Of course, all of Hawaii is beautiful, but few places in the world can compare to the ideal vistas of Kauai. With untapped beaches, hidden waterfalls, and the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, there is never a shortage of natural splendor on Kauai.

#2- Marine Life

Those with a soft spot for sea life will find the rich marine ecosystem of Kauai quite special. Rather uniquely, Kauai is one of the few places in the world where Humpback Whales can be watched from the shore, particularly in their calving season during January and February. In addition to the myriad of fish that inhabit these waters, Hawaiian Bull Seals can also sometimes be found around the island.

#3- Year-Round Weather

When we said, “perfect weather” up above, we weren’t kidding– it isn’t unheard of for the year-round forecast on Kauai to remain in the 60-80 farenheit range. The only downside to this is that your AC my break from disuse! Weather on Kauai is the definition of “short and sandals” weather, which makes it an ideal option for a vacation getaway.

#4- Lifestyle Advantage

Even among the famously gregarious and easygoing Hawaiian culture, the Garden Island of Kauai is seen as the “laid-back” county of the state. You can expect to do most of your activities in flip-flops; formal attire will rarely be necessary. Especially for those of us with hectic lives, the warm, sleepy communities of Kauai are the perfect counter-point to a busy schedule.

#5- Watersports and Aquatic Activities

More aqua-dynamic readers might be wondering what kind of opportunities are available in regards to watersports. You’ll be pleased to know that Kauai has a variety of water goods stores and encourages you to enjoy its shores. Surfboarding, snorkeling, and kayaking are all popular activities on the island of Kauai. People of all ages can always toss out a line and try out fishing in the local waters.

#6- Hiking

While we’ve already taken time to point out the abundant untouched wilderness that can be found on Kauai, the massive range of options for hiking and exploration cannot be overstated. The views and landscape of Kauai are second to none and must be seen to be believed; in fact, up to 80% of the island is estimated to be reachable only be traveling off the beaten path. If you’re the adventurous sort, you’ll find years of curious sights to explore on Kauai.

#7- Real Estate

People who are looking to own a home in Kauai will find that they have several options. There is the purchasing of land to build on, which can be found as flatland, or in other cases, as volcanic property. Clearing rock lava for building isn’t as cost- prohibitive as it may seem, and can be a viable option for those looking to build. There is also the option to purchase a pre-existing home on the island, and you can find a wide variety of these homes, too. Oceanfront property that is within 5 minutes of the beach is still available on the island.

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