A Brief History of Kauai

Hawaii holds a reputation in the modern world as a premiere location for all things great– the weather is great, the people are kind, and it can be safely said that to many, a trip to Hawaii is the pinnacle of joy and luxury. But the interesting things about Hawaii don’t just begin in the […]

Where in the World is my Future Vacation Home?

If you are in the market to purchase a vacation home, you have probably already started tackling the difficult question of, “where are the best places for a vacation home?” We understand it can be a tough decision with so many wonderful choices out there and you have to consider not just the location, but also […]

Best Hawaiian Island for a Vacation Home?

There’s no question that Hawaii is a top-tier world destination for vacationers and permanent residents alike. From its pristine white-sand beaches to the year-round perfect weather, Hawaii is synonymous with the idea of a “tropical paradise.” So it’s also no wonder why Hawaiian real estate generates a lot of buzz. People who are interested might […]