10 Reasons to Move to Kauai

Do you ever dream about uprooting your life and heading off to paradise? It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but it really isn’t. The island of Kauai is arguably the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands, and some lucky people get to call such an amazing place home. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s for you, just think about these ten reasons why you should move to Kauai right now!

#1) Wonderful Weather

Kauai Weather

There is plenty of sunshine to soak up while you’re lounging on a beach or hiking through nature, and it has very comfortable temperatures to match. The temperature really only fluctuates about 10° F throughout the year, so you don’t have to deal with major seasonal changes. Plus, it doesn’t get much higher than 85° F in August, and it often stays above 65° F in January.

Some people worry that the weather is full of constant rain, but that’s not true. There is quite a bit of precipitation (that’s what keeps the island so green!), but the storms don’t usually last long, and they like to happen at night.

#2) Surfing, Snorkeling, and Sunbathing

Snorkeling in Kauai

To get into a brighter topic, imagine what it’s like to live in a place with beautiful beaches. The surfing is world class, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see some amazing fish if you grab a snorkel and some goggles. Or, if you feel like being a little less active, you can always just lay in the sand on some of the more than 50 miles of beaches that circle the island.

#3) Incredible Natural Features

Na Pali Coast

Don’t think you’ll spend all of your time on the beach, though, because Kauai is much more than sand and sea. The north side of the island is home to the Na Pali Coast, and this state park is more than 6,000 acres of jungle and cliffs that meet the crashing Pacific Ocean. Seeing it from the air is something that everyone should do.

Or, you can head inland to see Waimea Canyon. This amazing place is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific because it’s size and beauty rivals the one in Arizona.

Plus, there are tons of waterfalls, mountains, and other beautiful natural features to explore on Kauai.

#4) Take a Hike

Hiking in Kauai

It may not seem like a small island is a great place to go hiking, but Kauai has no shortage of amazing trails. The previously mentioned Na Pali Coast is an incredible (and slightly challenging) walk, there are plenty of waterfalls only accessible on foot, and there are numerous other walks worth strapping on your boots for.

#5) Unique Culture

Kauai People

It may sit in the middle of a massive ocean, but Kauai has a fascinating culture to learn about. The natives have a beautiful language, delicious food, interesting traditions, and many other unique aspects of their culture that will slowly work into your daily life.

#6) Get Away from It All

Islands of Hawaii

Kauai has a feeling of remoteness that many of the locals love. It can sound inconvenient to be tucked away in a corner of the Pacific because it takes a while to travel to other places. But, once you’re here, you probably won’t really want to leave!

Also, this remoteness has the added benefit of keeping the crowds away, so you’ll really be able to relax and get away from it all.

#5) Safe for Families

Kauai for Families

If you have kids, you probably want them to grow up somewhere where you won’t have to worry about their safety. Kauai can offer that. It has lower crime rates than much of the US, and over 90% of the crime that does happen is property crime (not violent crimes against people). Your little ones will feel as free as the animals they’ll love to look at.

#7) A Healthy Home

Kauai Nature

Kauai’s nickname is the Garden Island, and it’s very appropriate for how green and pretty it is. However, this connection with nature does more than just please your eyes, it’s also good for your health. Instead of pollution in your daily life as you’d face in a city, you’ll be surrounded by clean, fresh air. Also, you’ll have plenty of fresh foods to eat.

#8) Exotic Animals

Kauai Animals

To go along with all the natural beauty, you’ll share your home with plenty of animal species. The waters around are full of fish, and endangered monk seals and sea turtles are often spotted. Plus, there are more than 80 types of birds on the island, and about a quarter of those only live on Kauai.

#9) Strong Island Community

Kauai Community

With only about 65,000 people living on the island, you’re sure to see people often enough to make friends. Living in such a beautiful and happy place keeps people in good moods, and this leads to a strong, helpful, and friendly community.

#10) Too Many More to List…

Kauai Life

When writing a list of reasons to move to Kauai, it’s hard to cap it off at ten. It could go on for pages and pages, but hopefully you have a taste of why it’s such an amazing place to live!

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